Being A Frugal Wife ~ How I Save Money Part

I was desperate! 

We have some stressful situations going on in our lives and one spot in my back balled up into a knot.  Ouch!  I knew that I needed it rubbed out and some oils were sure to help.  I have a small collection of essential oils (EO's) so I picked one that was very pleasant to my senses. 

I chose De-Stress by "now solutions".  I am sorry to say, I think De-Stress has been discontinued but there are MANY more to choose from! 

Since I didn't have a normal "carrier oil" and I was desperate, I used olive oil. (Olive oil can be used but isn't recommended.) 

I had my husband use the oil to massage out the knot in my back and loosen the muscles.  I can still smell the EO blend and it is helping to relax me. 

I highly recommend that you try this.  There are many scents to try and a myriad of conditions that can be improved by essential oils, aromatherapy and massage.
Not a sponsored post - based on my own opinions and experiences 


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I love learning about essential oils and have used them for healing through the years..today clove oil to my daughter's tooth...thanks for sharing...I am still learning!
It has saved us so much in medical bills.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This site is great...we have her show on Veria in our area.


The show is Everybody Noses...I think...brain fog!

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