Halloween Is Funny

Not like, comical.  Funny like, strange.

(This post isn't to criticize your "celebrations".  It's just to let you into my world and hopefully help someone to reconsider.)

Gools and goblins hanging in front yards
Witches on broom sticks smashing into telephone poles
Cemetery tomb stones poking out of lawns
Masks and costumes with knives sticking out of heads
Blood rushing down from mouths and out of wounds

So many people, good people, well meaning people, "celebrate" this goolish festival.  They pay money to enter into a house that is supposed to be "haunted" in order to purposely scare the daylights out of themselves or their children. 

That used to be me.

"Well Janet, we celebrate this holiday in honor of having good clean fun.  We don't dress up scary; we just do sweet costumes."

That used to be me too.

One time, I had a real witch living next door to me and one on the other side of the block.  We frequently had demons entering our home trying to frighten us and make us lose our focus.  That wasn't fun.  It wasn't good, clean fun.

Many times, since entering ministry and deciding to live out loud for God we've had demons come into our church and take up residence there (not the church we are in now). We've had demon possessed people come into our church.  It's not pretty and let me tell you, it's not fun!

My husband has been called to the hospital where he has watched while someone took their last breath and then the family mourned over their grave stone.  That's not fun either.

There are many things in life worth celebrating.  Death, violence, demons and witches aren't worth it.  "...but we do it innocently.  We celebrate harvest time."

That used to be me too.

Since I've experience so much of the dark side that God has rescued me out of, I don't want any part of celebrating it. 

Thank you, LORD, for rescuing me from darkness. 

Colossians 1:13
For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves

Ever wonder how Halloween got started?  If you are brave enough, watch this video:


kewkew said...

It is very rare that I find someone who feels how I do about Halloween. I don't have any personal experience with demons, but I read a book about 14 yrs ago that explained how so many of the traditions that are associated with Halloween have pagan or satanic roots. Curious, but not brave enough to watch your video.
Was wondering what your feelings are toward all the pagan things behind Christmas.
Also, do you feel it is wrong to hand out candy at Halloween if it is attached or part of evangelistic outreach?

Angie Vik said...

Good post. I totally agree. So much darkness is associated with Halloween that we don't want any part of it. We usually find something to do Halloween night so we're not home to pass out candy either. It's hard on my kids to see us pass out candy to other kids when we won't let them go trick or treating.

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