Feet in the sand...

There is NOTHIN like it!  
I look forward to it all winter!
 ...the feel of putting my bare feet in sand for the first time.

Yesterday, hubs and I took the boys to the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago because it was "FREE DAY!"  Woo hoo!  Yes, we had fun.  Yes we learned and that's the end of that discussion!  LOL!

After we finished learning, we took a walk down to the beach.  Oooooohhhh yes.  That was where the fun began.  The youngest and I took our shoes off and stuck them in the sand.  

How I LUV the feel of hot sand on my feet for the first time after winter!  

We walked down to the edge of the water and stepped in.  Wowza!  That water is COLD!  It numbs the feet in about 60 seconds, but it is oh so refreshing!

Have you had a chance to put your bare feet in the sand this season?


Becky said...

Thanks Miss Janet for your sweet comment today about my son. : )
I have had my feet in the ocean three times thus far! Nothing like it! : ) God bless!

Beautiful Mess said...

Only with shoes on...I did have a neat experience finding a sharks tooth. My first ever.

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