God is so good!

It always amazes me how God is interested in even the smallest details of our lives. Since money is tight for us it is kind of hard to find things to do as a family that don't cost an arm and a leg! (If any of you have ideas, please do share!) One of their best friends had a birthday party and it was such a blessing to the 2 Espressos! They got to go to a "Fun Center" and have pizza, play games, win tickets, and drive go carts twice! They were on cloud 9 for days.

Espresso is interested in making videos and posts them on youtube. He always has the camera going to shoot someone doing something funny or gross. I just found a program online that lets you make cartoons AND it's FREE!! Yay for him and me!

It's called DoInk. If you are interested in seeing how it works, I posted a video on my other blog.
God is good, isn't He? These are just some small ways that He has shown love to us lately.
Are you seeing God in the small details of your life?

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