What If?

What if you showed up at church and...

...everything was different?
Everything that they normally do, was done a different way.
All of the traditions that you expect during the service were totally changed.
The order of the service wasn't even the same.
The songs were totally different.
Nothing was normal.

The only thing that was familiar was the message of Jesus.  Salvation was still preached, but all the rest was something that you weren't used to.  Nothing was unbiblical, just totally different.

What would you do?

Would you be upset or relieved?

Would you run out the door looking for the familiar or would you join in with the unfamiliar?


Shawn Becker said...

Boy, that is a hard question. If the message was the same, I might stay. I do know that when I was looking for a Church home, the whole package had to speak to me. Luckily, the church I attend has three different service types on Sunday (5 services in two chapels) and one on Thursday night. There is a service type for everyone!

Mama Chang said...

I stay.
I am worshiping my Lord in heaven.I am a church.

Frenchy said...

That is pretty hard. I don't know...Would this even happen ?
Thanks for saying hi. You took the tour of our last house. I designed it. We are renting a house now thanks to the economy LOL
I am glad you liked it. Very Parisian.
Come say hi when you can !

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Been in services like that many times and it is always refreshing and wonderful as long is Christ is there and the Spirit is moving...go for it!

I remember beach balls with the world maps on them being bounced across the service during a song....just awesome as we bounced them back to each other praying for the salvation of the world...what a great "church" service

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love the thought of allowing the Spirit to move at will. I wonder what the Lord makes of our traditions & forms? Do they honor & bless Him, or do they become the gods by which we DO church instead of BEING the church?

Great question!


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