What does your name mean?

What's in a name?


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Your name is important!  That is how people know you and call you.  As soon as someone hears your name, what image comes to their mind?  ...may not actually want to know that!

I looked up the meaning of my name and was quite pleased:

God's Gracious Gift
Origin: English

You can look up your name too at http://www.name-meanings.com/.

I was watching TV the other night and a girl said her name was Latrina.  I looked at my husband and said, "As in latrine? Toilet?"  So, while I was looking up names, I looked this one up and here is what http://www.babynamer.com/ said:

"the name of the Greek goddess of magic. Another possible source is katatein├┤, the Greek word for torture. "

Wow, that's worse than I thought!  We really do need to be careful when naming our children!

I was wondering what name means, "God's gift?"  This is what I found:

AnjeanetteGift of God's favor. Blend of Ann and Janet.

What does your name mean?  Do share!

Here is a BEAUTIFUL video about your name:


I've been invaded by a red horned caterpillar!

My garden is under attack!  Yes, that green monster in the photo is now my enemy.  It is called the "tomato hornworm" and yes, many of them have decided that my tomatoes will be their buffet!

It's been a few days since I have been out to my garden as I've had a head cold.  Since I believe that I am healed, I thought I'd put some walk to my talk and get off of my behind.  I went out to my garden only to find a gob (how many is that anyway?) of these dudes eating my tomato plants down to their scrawny little stems.

I read on some  websites about these little buggers.  They can grow to about 4 inches long and are the larvae of a huge moth called the "hummingbird moth."  If left on your plants, they will eat them alive!

As I found more and more of these green monsters, I noticed that some of them were covered in little white eggs.  I said, "Oh no you don't!  You are not laying eggs and making more monsters to eat my tomatoes."

After I picked as many as I could see, about 20, I put them in a bucket and told my son to "extinguish" them.  He thought he would do it humanely and just fill up the bucket with water.  Well... that didn't work.  I told him to take them to the driveway, get a brick and squish them.  Gaaarrroooosss! Gross!

After everything settled down around here I began my research.  I was pleased to see that I didn't just freak out and squish these things.  That is exactly how you get rid of them.  Pick and stomp!

Then I found out that those aren't eggs of the green worm.  They are eggs of a wasp!  What?!  The wasp lays its eggs on the back of this worm and the wasp larvae actually eat away the worm and kill it.

Isn't nature interesting?  God is so creative!  I learn a great lesson that I will have to keep in mind for next years' tomato crops and I was able to teach the boys all about it.

Have your tomatoes ever been invaded by these things?

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Winning Number: 1

We have a winner of the My Memories Suite giveaway!

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He knows...

What love
He knows exactly what I like
They are beautiful

Who is he?  God...

We were walking into Dunkin Doughnuts (for the boys) and I spotted them.  They were beautiful!  The pink rose bushes lined the walk.  I thought... how I miss my roses.  We lost a home one time where I had a rose garden.  They were so beautiful and taking care of them was my special time to myself ~ Time away from little kiddos!

Tonight, a woman at church came storming through the door and marched across the building holding out her hand.  In it was a little white vase with a bunch of pink roses.  They looked like the same roses that I was admiring just the day before.  I thanked her and told her that I appreciated her listening to God.

He loves me!  As if I didn't already know that, He decided to show me by hearing my thoughts and giving me pink roses.  Wow...  I think that is so sweet and I am so humbled.

By the way, I did not get a doughnut... this time ;)


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My Memories Suite - Review AND Giveaway!

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Digital scrapbooking, cards, calendars, blog banners, photo books... these are just a few of the creative things you can make with My Memories Suite!

I was contacted by My Memories to review this digital scrapbooking software and I get to give one away!  I am so excited to be able to pass this blessing on to one of my readers.

My Memories Suite comes with tons of pre-loaded content which makes it easy to instantly (we all love quick) make beautiful projects.  Of course, there are tons of beautiful packs available for purchase too!

All I had to do is add photos to this page and save it.
There is a place to change the text and I added my own. 
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I wanted to take it a step further and customize the colors.
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As if those two pages weren't cute enough, 
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Some features of My Memories Suite:

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Proud Mama Moment

There they were, both of our boys, side by side, serving the poor and homeless in Chicago. (They are the blurry ones on the left.)

Espresso has had the privilege of going with us a couple of times before. (More photos here:  Blessed to Be a Blessing)  He is a great example to his brother who finally got to go for the first time.

You should have seen him.  It was hard for Double E to contain himself all day just knowing that he was going to get to go.  He loves people and loves to serve.  Once we got there, he was higher than a kite!  He was going all around (when he wasn't working) talking to everyone doing anything he could to help.

What a night.  Our family of 4 was there, serving together, as well as both of my parents.  What a blessing to be passing the baton of being Jesus' hands and feet!


Do You Want It?

What do you want from your marriage?  Do you want what God wants?

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Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage

"Would you like a fresh breeze to blow in your marriage? Do you long for a marriage where intimacy and communication are a reality instead of a dream? Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage is a topical series by Chip Ingram that examines God's design for marriage, with practical instruction to help you make your marriage what God desires it to be." 
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