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It is possible ~ 30 Day Marriage Challenge

Remember when you were young and first dating your husband?  Do you remember when he first went to hold your hand or kiss you and you got all excited inside?  (I realize that some people do wait until they are married for that.)  Those hormones started to flow and just a touch sent you into space. 

Unfortunately, after being married for a while, that has a tendancy to go away BUT it doesn't have to!!  You can get it back but it starts with a mindset.  First you have to change your mind.  We women are good at that so it shouldn't be too hard!

Marriage is a journey.  It has ups and downs and the ups need to start somewhere.  Would you like to begin to have more ups?

A good place to start:

1. Pray that God will put the spark back into your marriage.
2. Read what the Bible has to say about being a good wife and begin to apply it.
3. Start by respecting your husband.  Give him praise and honor him even if he is not acting honorable.
4. Do the 30 Day Challenge (click the link below and print the document) and pray for your husband.

30 Day Challenge PDF


Ideas ~ It Takes Faith

I'm An Entrepreneur!

One night, I was at church (the mega church that we visit) and the Pastor was praying over the people for God's blessing. (I received that in Jesus' Name!!) He said something that stuck with me.  He said, "God is going to give someone ideas on how to make money."  (Or something like that!)  I knew what was spoken was meant for ME!

Two weeks ago, I was shopping at a thrift store that I frequent and all of a sudden, I had a thought to look at the baby clothes.  ?  I'm not pregnant and I don't have a baby.  There is a particular item that drew my attention.  As I looked this item over, I thought that it may sell for more on EBAY.

I went home and prayed about this and researched to see what sells on EBAY and how to sell things on EBAY.  There is plenty of advise out there, just Google it!

The next day, I decided to invest $30 into my new business.  Now, $30 may not be much to you but for someone like me... every dollar counts.  It's not that I'm poor... I'm just... frugal!  I DON'T LIKE TO SPEND a lot on ANYTHING!

It was scary investing $30.  I don't want to waste.  I want to be VERY careful with the resources that God has lovingly entrusted me with.  That $30 could go to Mission India. (A missions project my kids are working on.)  That money could go to many single moms in our church to help them with gas money.  There are a BUNCH of places that it is needed.

That's when FAITH has to step into the picture.  Faith that God gave me the idea.  Faith that the prophecy spoken was a seed planted in my spirit.  Faith that since God gave me the idea, the items WILL sell for a great profit!

One of the items is being watched by 4 people and once it sells, it will make up half of what I invested!!!  God is in this!  If  WHEN I sell 2-3 of my items, I will make up the money spent on 11 items!

FAITH takes work.  You can't say you have FAITH and then sit.  FAITH is an action word.  Without FAITH it is impossible to please God.  Impossible.  That's a huge word.  I want to please Him and I want to show Him my FAITH! 

This is just a small step.  I know that God will bless this new venture for me but I also know it's about something more.  This is just one small step in His GREAT plan.  He has more for me and I will walk in it!

Are you showing your FAITH?  How?


Are you living?

...or existing?

So many exist ~ rather than live.
Jesus came to give us life to the fullest!!!


A New Song ~ Worship

This is a song (new for our church) that we will be singing tomorrow at church.  I can't wait!  I love songs that say, "Savior" and "worthy".  Jesus, Yeshua, is my Savior.  He is my Messiah and He is MOST worthy!! 


How to make a corsage ~ Another way I save money!

It is soooo much cheaper making corsages than buying them ~ not to mention a lot of fun! 

My supplies

I went to the flower section of a grocery store and they had corsages already made.  They were very simple, had one rose, and were not very attractive corsages.  Price:  $11  I know that corsages are a lot more than that at the florist. 

I can make 12 corsages out of:
1 dozen roses
1 bouquet of carnations
1 bouquet of baby's breath
1 ($4) spool of wired edge ribbon
1 spool of florist tape
1 package of 22-24 gage wire

Total cost of supplies:  $25
Cost per corsage:  $2.00

I have been making corsages for Mother's Day for years now.  Out of one dozen roses, I can get anywhere from 6 to 12 corsages.

Here are some of the corsages that I made:

How to make a simple corsage:

How to make a corsage bow:

More advanced corsage:

Let me know if you try this and I will post your pics!!


How I Save Money ~ Natural Cleaning

Baking soda has many uses and helps me save money!  It's good for more than just putting in recipes for yummy cookies!

When I was a child and got a bee sting, my Mom made a past of baking soda and put it on to sooth the sting. 

Keep your house smelling good ~ Naturally!
  1. Put baking soda or vinegar with lemon juice in a small bowl or dish to absorb odors around the house.
  2. Get smells out of plastic containers by soaking them in a water and baking soda mix overnight.
  3. Freshen your carpet by sprinkling baking soda on it and vacuum up a while later.  (test in a small spot first)
  4. Clean out a drain by pouring about 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain and then 1/2 cup vinegar. It will bubble and fizz breaking down the gunk!  About 10-20 minutes later, pour hot water down the drain.  (be careful of hot water with plastic pipes and don't mix other chemicals like drain cleaners)
  5. Sprinkle in bottom of garbage pail to keep it fresh.
  6. Scrub sinks, bathtubs and toilets with baking soda and vinegar.  Sprinkle soda on surface, spray with vinegar/water solution, scrub and rinse.
  7. Clean your dishwasher.  Run an empty cycle using just baking soda instead of detergent.
  8. Mix with water to wash chemicals and waxes off of fruits and veggies.
  9. Deter ants in garden.  Surround with a line of baking soda.
  10. Shine chrome with baking soda and water.
  11. Mix baking soda and water (I like to add a small amount of conditioner) and scrub the wax buildup out of your hair.
Do you use it?  If so, let us know how!


Halloween Is Funny

Not like, comical.  Funny like, strange.

(This post isn't to criticize your "celebrations".  It's just to let you into my world and hopefully help someone to reconsider.)

Gools and goblins hanging in front yards
Witches on broom sticks smashing into telephone poles
Cemetery tomb stones poking out of lawns
Masks and costumes with knives sticking out of heads
Blood rushing down from mouths and out of wounds

So many people, good people, well meaning people, "celebrate" this goolish festival.  They pay money to enter into a house that is supposed to be "haunted" in order to purposely scare the daylights out of themselves or their children. 

That used to be me.

"Well Janet, we celebrate this holiday in honor of having good clean fun.  We don't dress up scary; we just do sweet costumes."

That used to be me too.

One time, I had a real witch living next door to me and one on the other side of the block.  We frequently had demons entering our home trying to frighten us and make us lose our focus.  That wasn't fun.  It wasn't good, clean fun.

Many times, since entering ministry and deciding to live out loud for God we've had demons come into our church and take up residence there (not the church we are in now). We've had demon possessed people come into our church.  It's not pretty and let me tell you, it's not fun!

My husband has been called to the hospital where he has watched while someone took their last breath and then the family mourned over their grave stone.  That's not fun either.

There are many things in life worth celebrating.  Death, violence, demons and witches aren't worth it.  "...but we do it innocently.  We celebrate harvest time."

That used to be me too.

Since I've experience so much of the dark side that God has rescued me out of, I don't want any part of celebrating it. 

Thank you, LORD, for rescuing me from darkness. 

Colossians 1:13
For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves

Ever wonder how Halloween got started?  If you are brave enough, watch this video:

Being A Frugal Wife ~ How I Save Money Part

I was desperate! 

We have some stressful situations going on in our lives and one spot in my back balled up into a knot.  Ouch!  I knew that I needed it rubbed out and some oils were sure to help.  I have a small collection of essential oils (EO's) so I picked one that was very pleasant to my senses. 

I chose De-Stress by "now solutions".  I am sorry to say, I think De-Stress has been discontinued but there are MANY more to choose from! 

Since I didn't have a normal "carrier oil" and I was desperate, I used olive oil. (Olive oil can be used but isn't recommended.) 

I had my husband use the oil to massage out the knot in my back and loosen the muscles.  I can still smell the EO blend and it is helping to relax me. 

I highly recommend that you try this.  There are many scents to try and a myriad of conditions that can be improved by essential oils, aromatherapy and massage.
Not a sponsored post - based on my own opinions and experiences 


How I Save Money ~ Part 3

Another way that I save money is by making homemade laundry detergent. No kidding!  I sure do and I LOVE it!  It's easier than pie and turns out, it only costs about a penny a load!

There are several ways to make detergent.  I use the following recipe which goes along with the second tutorial. 

  • 1 quart Boiling Water
  • 2 cups Grated Bar soap (Takes about 10 minutes)
  • 2 cups Borax (I purchase at Meijer)
  • 2 cups Washing Soda (purchased at Meijer)
  • 1 large bucket (I use a 5 gallon with a lid)
  1. Boil 1 quart of water in a pan (I use stainless steel).
  2. Add grated bar soap to the boiling water and stir until soap is melted. Keep on low heat until soap is melted.  Don't let it boil over!
  3. Pour the soap water into a large, clean bucket and add the Borax and Washing Soda. Stir well until everything is dissolved. (Be careful of the soap fumes; they are strong!)
  4. Add 2 gallons of water to contents, stir and mix well.
  5. Cover bucket - soap will gel in a few hours. Use about 1/4 cup for each load. Stir soap each time you use it.


 Both of the following tutorials make detergent in different ways but they do work great and save money!

Do you make your own?




The Freedom Fighter

Last night in church, I sat right behind the man in the photo, Sam Childers.  Yes, that is a machine gun in his hand!

Sam is a preacher and one of his main tools, other than his Bible, is a gun.

I prayed for him but mostly I thanked God for him.  Sam puts his life on the line on a regular basis to rescue children who have been caught in the crossfire of the rebel atrocities in the area.

He showed us pictures.  He told us about kids that he has helped to rescue: children with their limbs blown off or even cut off.  He has found women whose breasts have been cut off and even children who were nailed to trees. 

These rebels are of the ultimate rebellion, SATAN!  ...but there is hope.  Hope that only Jesus can bring and Sam helps to deliver that hope.  The ultimate hope.

Children's Village Angels of East Africa is a Children's Village for orphans located in south Sudan and is founded by Sam.  The Village has almost 300 kids that have been rescued and are being restored by the LOVE of Jesus!

There is a movie coming out soon about Sam's story and I can't wait to see it!  It's called, "Machine Gun Preacher".



It's A Small World - A Very STRANGE Small World

(Names are changed to protect the innocent.)

Something very strange happened yesterday.  I was sitting outside with my Mom at her house and before we knew it, the yard was full of children.  When Double Espresso is around, kids start coming out of the woodwork! 

One of the neighbor kids (Molly) came to play and she brought another girl (Julie) who is a foster child that is staying with her.  Molly told us that Julie (11) is up for adoption and she has a 3 year old sister who has already been adopted.  Molly continued to explain that Julie has been to a children's program at our previous church.  That really peaked my interest and my wheels began to spin as I tried to remember this girl who, at the time, was 8 and her sister was a baby. 

All of a sudden, it clicked!  I ran inside to tell my husband about the girl in the yard.  This girl's mother (Millie) had visited out church too!  She was very strange...  Numerous times she spoke to us and things just didn't ever add up.  She told us weird stories about how she was being hunted by the FBI and had been in jail recently but none of her story ever made any sense.  Mostly it was just random sentences smushed together to make a paragraph.

One Sunday night, she visited our church.  As she spoke to me, I couldn't follow her conversation.  It was weird.  The more I studied her, I realized that something was seriously wrong but she WASN'T on drugs.  After she tried to have conversations with my husband and a deacon in the church, we all realized what her problem was.  She was demon possessed.  It used to be that I thought demon possessed people wouldn't dare step foot into a church but after seeing many demon possessed people enter this particular church, I changed my theory.  (Actually, many demons lived in this church but that is another story for another time.)

The last time we saw Millie (the mother) and Julie, Julie was standing at the back door of the church crying her eyes out.  You see, my husband (the Pastor) had to tell Millie that she wasn't welcome at our church anymore and the poor little girl couldn't understand why.  We had just found out that Millie had kidnapped one of the other children in our program that morning before school and the police were looking for her.  During the short time that we knew Millie, we had to call the police several times.  Because of her circumstances, we didn't ever have the chance to help her. 

I have no idea what happened to Millie.  Obviously, her children were permanently taken from her and given up for adoption.  What a sad, sad story.  I sure hope there is a happy ending for Julie.

Now that I know where Julie is and can see her on a regular basis, I need to pray.  This girl is a sweetie and is totally adorable.  I don't know how God wants to use me in her life, but my heart is turned in her direction.  We  will see...

I told you it's a STRANGE small world!


Marriage Monday!

Married:  June 17, 1995
Wedding:  Large, traditional, church wedding

What would I do different?  Well, it's not that I have regrets about our wedding, it's just that I'm wiser now and I may have done things differently knowing what I know now.
Like?  I think I would have done the ceremony pretty much the same but I think I would have scaled back on the cost of the reception.  I may have done something simpler and shorter.  We had a traditional, family style reception with a DJ.  The DJ was fun, the dinner was good but it cost a pretty penny.  I don't think, in the end, it was worth it.

Would I have changed our honeymoon?  I think I would have created a more relaxing atmosphere.  Orlando was a blast but I would have cut the time in Orlando in half and gone someplace a little quieter and intimate for the other half. 

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL time in our lives but to be honest, it's so much better after 15 years!

Photo taken: 10-11-10

Join Marriage Monday: Crysalis


Hearts On Fire Friday ~ Disclosure

Homeward Bound is a personal blog written and edited by me, Janet.

I am not a marriage expert.
I can not give you expert help.
I am not a marriage therapist.

I give tips and help based upon what I have experienced in my marriage of 15 years, what I have read in the Bible, other books that I have read, websites I have visited, and marriage conferences that I have attended.

I hope that what I have to offer helps you pursue a blessed marriage based on the love of God.

If you have any questions about this blog, you can email me at homeiscool4u@yahoo.com

Thank you,



How I Save Money ~ Part 2

Sometimes, after my day is done, I like to sit down to a good movie.  Ok so, It's not often but it does happen occasionally!  I was too tired to write, too tired to read, too tired to learn and the TV was taken.  (It's basketball season.) All of a sudden, an idea popped into my head!  I grabbed the laptop, made some popcorn and headed to my bed.  On my way, I bade my family of men farewell, "I'm off to watch a love story!"  I remembered that I can watch ushy, gushy, chic flicks on YouTube... for FREE!

That's right!  There are many Hallmark Channel movies on YouTube such as, Love's Abiding Joy, Sarah Plain and Tall, and A Painted House.  The Hallmark Channel movies that I watch are clean and usually the story line takes place in the 1800's.

I just type this into the YouTube search:  "Hallmark Channel Movie Part 1" and I come up with several pages of movies to choose from!

This is just another way that I save money!

Love Come Softly Part 1


Five Question Friday

1. What do you listen to while driving?  Driving?  What's that?  We are a one vehicle family (anyone care to donate and fix that?) and I have a tendency to stay home.  Every once in a while I get out ALL BY MYSELF.  It's not often... but when I DO, I listen to.... drum roll please....____________!  That's right.  Most of the time I listen to NOTHIN!  Silence.  Me, my thoughts and God.

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?  I don't know if I have a least favorite thing.  I love fall!  I love to go to the park and take our annual family pictures.  I love getting warmer clothes out because I look better in them.  I love turning on the heat in the morning and then opening the windows during the day.  I love fall!

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out? Oooo!  Just for the record, I'm putting my order in right now!  Here it is:  I'd like a large 1920's bungalow with modern amenities.  I'd like the inside to be cozy yet cheery.  I want people to be comfortable enough to put their feet up!
Side and front view

Rear view

Enter into my dream new home!

Put your feet up in the living room!

Let's go have some coffee in the dining room shall we?
That seems to be where we always end up anyway!

4. Would you ever own a minivan?  When the boys were little we had a sweet ride!  We had a Chrysler Town and Country with leather interior.  It was decked.  Well, it finally pooped out and we bought a regular car.  Now that the boys are about to go through that teenage growth spurt, I'd like to have something bigger so their legs don't get cramped!

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?  My husband likes me to!  He saw a special about germs and icky stuff that sticks on clothes at the store and then we bring them into our home.  You know, I buy most of my stuff used so... YES!  I wash before wearing.

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Do You Create?

Writing activity from Jan Mader's blog: Ignite to Write!

No matter how old I get I will always:

Love to color and create!  My Dad, his brother and my brother are all artists so art was always a part of our lives while we were growing up.  I can remember using up all of my water color paints and needing more.  I used to be THRILLED with art kits.  You know the ones with markers, chalks, crayons, paints and sometimes oil pastels. 

Even to this day, I get excited and my creativity starts to stir when I see art supplies!  I would so love to take art lessons so I could develop the talents God has given me.  For now, I stick to the occasional pencil drawing, painting walls in the house and of course, murals at church. 

This is my very first mural.  It is HUGE!  My Dad drew it and I painted it.  Since I had not painted anything since I was a kid, this was a monumental task for me.  At times, I even shook from being nervous!  It turned out great and I am very pleased.

(I blanked out the faces of the innocent.)

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created...


How I Save Money ~ Part 1

One of the main ways that I save money is buying used items.  What do I buy used?  Just about everything!  That's right!  Furniture, clothes, shoes, household items, cars, books, etc. 

In this post, I am going to focus on my latest finds - shoes.  I spent about $55 dollars on a pair of new shoes from a very nice shoe store just a couple of years ago.  At the end of last winter, they really needed replaced.  They were looking quite rugged and didn't stand up to my nice outfits.

...so... I hit the used stores!  Salvation Army is my main store but I often find great shoes at the GoodWill Store also.  To be honest, GoodWill is a bit more pricey so I tend to look there last.

All of my finds are VERY comfortable (even the stiletto).  I am at that point in my life... sigh.
Here are my finds for this winter:

This is the "needed" shoe. I can wear it when I need to be on
my feet for a long time and can wear it with socks.
PRICE:  $3.50

Boots:  $3.29 (sorry, pic won't turn)

Shoe for my husband - leather
(He is into the stylish long toe!)
PRICE:  $5.00

Totally NOT needed shoe - leather
PRICE:  $2.50

Not needed shoe - good for church
PRICE:  $2.50

This is the shoe that I have waited 2 summers for!  I liked this style
and refused to pay $55 dollars so I waited... and waited.
FINALLY, they found their way to the used store.
PRICE:  $2.50

No, I'm not a shoe freak but I could be if I wanted to!  I don't pay much for my shoes.  God has blessed me with good "finds". 

Coming UP:  How I Save Money ~ Part 2


How is your Pastor honored?

My husband is my pastor

It's Pastor Appreciation Month; are you doing something special for your pastor?  According to Scripture, we shouldn't need a "Hallmark Holiday" as a reason to honor our pastors but, life gets in the way and sometimes we need a friendly reminder!   

I was thinking about going into a long explanation of what a pastor does in a week but... that would take too long!  I was thinking about telling some of the ins and outs of a pastor's life but... that would take too long! 

The Bible says to honor your pastor.  Those who's job is to preach, should be paid to do so and not only that, but be given double honor.  The Bible gives many examples of not "touching" or "harming" God's anointed.  Even if you don't like him, he is to be treated properly.  David wouldn't touch King Saul in any way even though Saul was trying to kill him!  Wow!

So, what are you doing to honor your Pastor at this time of year?

1 Corinthians 9:14
“The Lord commanded that those who preach the good news should be supported by those who benefit from it.” (New Living Translation)

 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
"And now, friends, we ask you to honor those leaders who work so hard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging and guiding you along in your obedience. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love." (The Message).

1 Timothy 5:17
"Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine."

Helpful articles on honoring God's man:
Eight Ways to Encourage Your Pastor
A Pastor Appreciation Resource


My Husband Is a Good Sport

And I'm not!  We took the boys to soccer practice tonight and it was "Parents Night"!  Oh joy!  Too bad... I wore slip on shoes and didn't have a jacket. 

I am so sorry.  I am NOT sporty.  I used to be!  Does that count for anything?  My husband was a trooper and joined the parent team.  I sat in the car and read my Bible and watched all of the "good sport" parents play. 

Go DAD!!


Funny Stuff

We were all sitting in the living room this evening and DE said, "It feels really good to wash your eyebrows!"

I can't say that I've ever thought about that before!  Have you?

Kids are such a JOY!

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