As Unto the Lord - Homeless

God has been such a blessing. Of course, He always is but it's really exciting when I get to see Him in ACTION!

One of the deacons from our church picked up a homeless man and brought him to church last night. This wasn't the first time a homeless man has come to our church. I count it a privilege when they decide to bless us with their presence.

As soon as I met "Rich" I shook his hand and offered him a cup of water or coffee. He was grateful and sat down in the worship center. Immediately, some of our church members greeted him, sat with him and began conversations. During the service, I prayed for our members that God would speak to their hearts and they would respond and do something for "Rich".
After the first half of the service (ours are 2 hours), one of our members took "Rich" to his home for a shower. When I found this out, I was so excited that someone responded to God. I was racking my brain wondering what I could do for him. "Lord, what can I do for him?" I decided to give him my favorite back pack, some money and some of my favorite granola bars.

I was on my way home and it hit me! I can offer him a haircut. (Have you ever hear Beth Moore's story about the old man's hair in the airport?) Now, I'm no beautician but I can give a man a haircut. I cut my hair, my husbands, and both of the boys.

When I got to the cm's house, he asked "Rich" if he would like a haircut and he said yes. So, I began. He had long, blond (heading towards gray) hair. I gave him a 3 inch trim and left it longer with some feathers and trimmed his beard. He was grateful.

I was grateful for the privilege of being Jesus to a person who desperately needed Him. In my Spirit, I felt as if he may be running from the law and may have possibly done something terrible to someone. At one point in the evening, I told my cousin that I realize that this man could be a monster in someone else's eyes but I KNEW that I was to show Jesus to him.

All week I had a longing in my Spirit to serve or help a homeless person and God gave me the desire of my heart. That is how I KNEW that I was to help "Rich" and that I would be safe in doing it.

Praise be to my Heavenly Father!

I love Yeshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am choked up and feeling a bit overwhelmed...

My mom (we'll call her Kate) works with a lady (we will call her Jan). Jan told Kate that she had a dream about me.

This is what she said, "You daughter will have a home. They will be renting. It is an adorable cottage. It is so cute that they wanted to put it in a magazine. It has 2 bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen off to the left."

Jan described this cottage in detail. The dream was very vivid. Jan's daughter called her and said that she knew of someone getting rid of a refrigerator and a dressing table, (I've always wanted a dressing table!) did she know of anyone who needed them? Jan told her that if they are in good shape to go ahead and get them because Kate's daughter was going to need them when she moves into the cottage.

Wow! Please pray with me that God shows Jan how faithful he is and that He still speaks to people in dreams! Just this morning I talked with God. I asked Him if He would please work His sovereignty despite unfaithful people (including me).

I'm not sure what to think or say...

Here is a photo of a cute cottage to help put a "face" to all of this.


Why Do I Exist?

As soon as I woke up this morning, God spoke to my heart. I have decided to share it with you.

I exist for Him. I don't exist for any other reason.

We exist only for God. We don't exist to take our kids to soccer. We don't exist to clean our homes. We don't exist to go to work.

For His glory... for His pleasure... that is why we exist.

Revelation 4:11 ... for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.

Philippians 2:13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

The most interesting part of this story of God speaking to my heart is that just about an hour and a half before I woke, my husband had prayed that God would reveal this very thing to me! God has been speaking this to my husband's heart and he wanted God to speak it to my heart too.



Ok, I'm coming out with it! I buy a lot of my clothes at the Salvation Army! I do buy some of them at other places like JC Penny but I would say that at least half of them are thrift. Most of the compliments that I get on my clothes are on the pieces from thrift stores. I'm talkin .90 cent pieces! I have gotten some adorable skirts lately! I just let God know that I would like to dress more feminine and He helps me find skirts! (He's so sweet...)

I'd like to encourage you to take an hour and look through your local thrift store. (I personally don't like the ever popular "goood will" store. Their prices are too HIGH!)

A little hint: Take a soft, sewing measuring tape (whatever those are called) and measure the waist line in your favorite pants or skirt. (I know, it can be a little scary!) Keep it in your purse that way you can pull it out any time you need to know if the item will for sure fit you!

***If you'd like to read more on fashion and femininity, check out the blog "The Faithful Fashionista." Kristen has some GREAT tips and cute ideas for outfits!***


Garage Sales!

Hello garage salers, or would that be sailors? (People who like to go to garage sales and have garage sales.) Anyway... I 'd like to throw a little something your way. I know people have all kinds of reasons to get rid of their treasures (junk) and make a little money in the process.

Have you ever thought of giving it away instead of selling it? Just a thought... You could think of someone who could use such items and give the "items" to them. Do you know a single mom at church or maybe a neighbor who could use the item?

What if you have something of value and you give IT away? What if you list it on Craig's List under the "FREE" heading and after giving it to the person who comes to get it, tell them about Jesus. Tell them how Jesus gave a wonderful FREE gift to us.
It is more blessed to give than receive.
Just some thoughts. Happy sailing! ... or saling...


Girl Time!

Oh my goodness! I got some much needed girl time the other day. My cousins were more than happy to I mean gracious enough to lend their little girl to me. (She is the one with blond hair in the middle of the picture below.)

I needed to do some running around to make some returns and get Father's Day gifts. (More about that later.) I asked if E could come with me. Of course she said yes (doing anything to go anywhere away from her older siblings).

I brought along Fish Crackers, water and "healthy" oatmeal cookies. I bought her a little, purse sized reusable bag, sunglasses and a White Castle burger (I'm a big spender). She sat herself in the middle of the back seat and thought she was the Queen of the Nile perched up on her car seat.

You know, I would love to have a girl someday. I have Biblical femininity qualities that I desire to pass on! Well, for now, I'll just have to pass them on to everyone else's girls!

Father's Day gifts: I was soooo excited to come across these good deals! I used 2 JC Penny coupons and shopped their sale that they are having. I was able to get my husband 2 outfits that WOULD have cost me $95 for ONLY $21!!!!!! Wow! I am proud of my coupon shopping to say the least!


So Cute!

My cousins came up from Tennessee this week. Today, we got the kids together for photos and this is what we got!


A Beautiful Blog

I'd like you to check out this beautiful blog: A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

Miss June posted about The True Home recently and I thought you all would like to read it.

This is what I had to say about The True Home in her comments:

Oh, beautifully said!

I've often heard the old saying, "home is where the heart is" and thought it was so true. It's a cute little saying until you have to put it into practice. When you have to live it, that is when you really have to concentrate on doing exactly what you put in your post.

I desire to have the family that our children and other children want to "come home" to. A family that shows love, Christ's love.

I often feel childish when I miss my things that have been stuffed away in storage for over a year. Only through Jesus can I crucify my fleshly desires.

I go through a struggle in my head... I shouldn't desire my material things. Maybe I should give them all away since they mean nothing... Well, if I did that, we wouldn't have anything to put in a house when we get back on our feet again.

Oh, so much to think and pray about! Thank you for "listening".


We've been going to Chicago a lot lately! We have found an outlet to serve the homeless and also plenty of free or cheap things to do so the kids can learn and have fun!
We managed to go to the Museum of Science and Industry on FREE day, had a picnic outside, went rock climbing at the beach and to the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is also FREE) all in the same day!

Here are some pics from our trip last Friday:

Espresso and Double Espresso exploring by Lake Michigan.

Isn't it a little dangerous climbing on those rocks? Yes! This is Double E after he fell in! He didn't know if he should laugh or cry. His Cubs jersey got rock scum on it!

Double E getting "chased" by a train at the Museum of Science and Industry.


Feeling Better

I'm feeling better today.
God has a way of comforting.
Thank you for your encouraging words.

Romans 15:13 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. NASB


Heavy Heart

I have a bit of a heavy heart today. I feel like I've been away from home for a really long visit (over a year now) at my in-laws. Some days, I just feel homesick. I'm not a materialistic type of person but yet I miss our stuff. It's been in storage for over a year now and sometimes I miss it. Stuff that we've used for our almost 14 years of marriage. Our bed, couch, dishes, doilies... I don't know, our stuff!

My husband went to the storage unit where most of our furniture is and just the thought of it (even though I didn't see it) made my heart fee heavy, like I'm homesick. I feel like such a child, missing my stuff.

You know, God has so blessed us, especially lately. I know He is there. I know He is working. I know He has our best interest at heart. He has plans for us. I just get homesick sometimes...

I need to do what the lady at Strong Quiver says, cultivate a joyful heart.


Print Coupons

I thought I would share some of my fave sites that I use to print coupons.

Free Dunkin Doughnut on Friday

Great coupons for many stores or name brands like:
JC Penny 15% off entire purchase until June 6th
Kohl's $5 off anything for signing up

Free Redbox Movie for signing up.

These are just a few of my favorite places. I'll put more on later.

FYI: Here are some instructions on how to use coupons.

Now get busy people!! Money is wasting!

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